After another nice BBQ at the Lemmon Cays we left the San Blas Islands back to Port Linton. The trip back we made together with our friends who have 2 catamarans. So we spend a nice day together and yes the girls went over board - click here to see more

We were invited to a BBQ on a nearby island - so we had something to eat again. But at the island we were attacked by sand flys. Moreover we decided to sail to Nagana - an island where you can buy some food. Robinson Life and eating coconuts all the time can be very hard - click here to see more

After sailing to the Hollondais Cays and spending some amazing days there we run out of food. Our fishing skills are very bad so we decided to drink and eat coconuts. Back to Robinson life - click here to see more

After one day waiting because thunderstorm and lightens made it too dangerous to sail we navigated back to the San Blas Islands to discover new islands - click here to see more

As we had to fill up the fuel, buy food and water, needed a WIFI we had to sail to Portobelo. See what happened there and join our workout - click here to see more

 We closed our circle in the San Blas Islands. After meeting some friends at the Lemmon Cays we sailed back to the mainland of Panama and we had a great time watching dolphins - click here to see more

After Nagana we sailed to Gunboat Island - another paradise Island in San Blas. We spend some days for chilling and snorkeling at the reefs - click here to see more

This time we sailed to Nagana - an island near Rio Diablo in San Blas. This is the only Kuna Yala Town which has a power plant, electricity, supermarkets and is not so traditional as the other islands. Come with us to see which animals we have seen and see Vita dancing with the Kuna girls  - click here to see more

No luck - this time we hit a big storm coming from Columbia - it´s called „Cuoio di pollo“. We had to fight for Tavarua not to set her on a reef - click here to see more

We were sailing from the Lemmon Cays to the Hollands Cays - shallow water but paradise islands and beaches - follow us to paradise - click here to see more

First we stayed in the Lemmon Cays and had some nice underwater adventure, ate some Lobster and then sailed to a lonesome bay at the Holandes Cays where we found an uninhabited island - click here to see more

On the way to the San Blas Islands we made a stop over at a very nice place where we met some french sailor friends. There we saw our first crocodile in Panama - amazing! Then we sailed on to the San Blas Islands in very different conditions - click here to see more

This is the first time sailing with Tavarua - the main sail worked the Genua not - something to repair again. We sailed to Isla Grande - check out the Island-walk - click here to see more

Finally the moment has come - we are going to water with Tavarua. And as we are in the jungle a big Boa is resting on our boat - see what happens next - click here to see more

Follow us doing the last preps before lifting Tavarua on water. See what happened in Panama City and the dingy motor lives again - click here to see more

Yes we get to know with the first thunderstorms here in Panama and they are really different than the lightnings in Europe. And we fought with the thru hulls and the seacocks - to give them out - click here to see more

We started the refit of our new boat and went to Shalter Bay to repair some sails - follow our adventure trip - click here to see more

From Austria we had a flight to Panama where we travelled to Port Linton to see our sailboat Tavarua - a Hallberg Rassy 352 - for the first time live - click here to see more

The Sailing Family Now is packing their bags because they will fly on 1st of July from Austria to Panama where their sailboat Tavarua is waiting for them - click here to see more

This is the last trip of The Sailing Family before we will start our adventure in Panama in July. It was a nice family trip and we celebrated the 70th birthday of Klaus´s mum. Venice is always a nice and a very extraordinary place - click here to see more

The preparations for Panama are going on. In the meantime we did a Snowboardinghike, we went Icekiting and some days later Kitesurfing on the same lake in Austria. Winter has gone and in about 3 and a half month our adventure in Panama will start - click here to see more

A lot of paperwork in the last days and the story about our 2000 USD flag deregistration. But you also can see how we were skating on a frozen lake, running at the first sunny day of the year and our snowboarding day in the alps - click here to see more

We want to give you a quick update what´s going on with our Hallberg-Rassy in Panama while we are in Austria - click here to see more

Luck and bad luck - good and bad - in this episode we show you the full story of our journey looking for a new boat. Finally we have found it and I´m sure you´ll not guess where - click here to see more

We went to Germany to finish the deal and sold Maya. Afterwards we had a nice evening in Styria in the south of Austria and Vita made a Halloween Party at home. - click here to see more

We show you where we live in Austira, give you an update concerning our future sailing plans for the next season and take you to a small mountain biking session - click here to see more

 On our last sailing trip we have visited an island called Levanzo and Vita and Klaus tried spearfishing for the first time. See what the girls say concerning the last 8 weeks on board and take part at our “All inclusive - 1 week sailing trip with the Sailing family“-raffle - click here to see more

Read the story about "The Sailing Family - Season 2016" on the Gaastra blog (in German) - click here

We are selling Maya because we are looking for a bigger boat for the next season. If you are interested in buying here, please - click here

You´ll see the second part of our Marettimo sailing around trip. We were fascinated from the untouched, beautiful nature of this island, we took some walkes, visited the small village and Alina and Klaus climbed up a mountain where they saw spiders and snakes… - click here to watch the video

Our plan was to sail to an island called Marettimo. But the first attempt was not successful because we had problems with the alternator. But after we had changed this part with a new one we had a great adventure on Marettimo… - click here to watch the video

 Yes, we had fire on board - the worst thing which can happen…but we also had a lot of other fantastic adventures on land and on the sea! - click here to watch the video

In this episode of The Sailing Family you´ll see what girls do if they go on a market, we also visited Erice a very old town on the top of a hill near Trapani. Anna, Alina and Suu traveled back to Austria for 3 days and Klaus and Vita discovered some new bays in Favignana and had a lot of fun - click here to watch the video

3 days we did a sailing trip to a new bay in the Aegadian Islands with 5 people, our 2 dogs on our 26 feet sailing vessel Maya. It was a great trip but we realized that our sailing yacht is too small for all of us - but everything is possible - click here to watch the video

After a great kitesurfing day and a nice evening in Trapani "The Sailing Family" made their first sailing trip on Maya together. They had to fight against some problems but in the end… - click here to watch the video

After a break in Messina Klaus and his friend Thomas sailed along the North Shore of Sicily from Messina to Marsala. They made a stop in San Vito Lo Capo - a very nice Spot - to meet the rest of the TSF crew. - click here to watch the video

Klaus and his friend Thomas started the Ionian Sea Crossing in Kalamata/Greece and sailed to Sicily/Italy to the Strait of Messina. About 300 NM open water - the first real attempt in sailing for Klaus. A nice adventure with different wind conditions and highlights. - click here to watch the video

Klaus just landed in Athens and went to Kalamata to make Maya fit for the Ionan Sea Crossing. Moreover he had a "1 day fast learning Skipper training" and did all the preparations... - click here to watch the video

Read the first interview we did with Gaastra about The Sailing Family 2 weeks before the adventure will start - click here

The goal of this journey was to visit Sicily and find a habour where Maya our sailing yacht could be this summer and the next winter. - click here to watch the video


TheSailingFamily.com is a documentary film project about a family who bought a 26 feet sailboat in July 2016 and started sailing for the first time. The first season took place in Greece and Sicily in July and August 2016.

The next season will take place in Panama in July and August 2017. 2018 and 2019 we will have 14 month to discover Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Florida and then sail back to Europe...

Follow our sailing adventures!

We hope by sharing this adventure you will find some inspiration in your life. If doesn’t have to be sailing. It can be anything at all. Just take a few minutes every day for yourself, breathe deep and relax, and don’t forget to SMILE big time!


TAVARUA is a pretty sweet boat, but what really makes her special is the PEOPLE that sail her.  To read more about THE SAILING FAMILY on TAVARUA check out our crew page.


TAVARUA is a Halberg-Rassy 352 built in 1984. Our first sailboat was MAYA which had only 26 feet. If you want to know more about TAVARUA and MAYA check out our boat page.